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Feb 2011 Show Notes

 Latest Podgramme - February Edition

Welcome to the February edition of Glastonbury Podcasting this month we have an exclusive two part interview with no other than 'THE' Whitley Strieber well know for his books like 'Communion' in which talked openly about alien abductions, he is also noted for the book 'The Coming Global Superstorm' which he wrote with Art Bell this went on to become the inspiration for the film "The Day After Tomorrow" and 2012. He has not been to the the UK for over 10 years and I was very honoured when he agreed to give me an interview to ask him about his presentation at the the last Summer lectures and chat about some of his views on where we are going as a planet. I was also able to hear his wife give a very inspiring talk about the possibilities our future.

Music track more information Jorden Lindsay click HERE

Music track more information Inch Chua click HERE

More information about Whitley check out Unknown Country .Com also home of Dreamland radio show podcast

If you want more information about his film connections check out IMDB

We also have a regular look at the mystical month taken from Mystical World Wide Web and read by our resident storyteller John Edgar and music from Inch Chua and back by popular request Jorden Lindsay who was last played on the December edition. And comment about another twist to social networking check out Pushnote

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