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January 2011

Andrew Collins
An intrepid writer and explorer, Andrew is renowned for his books on ancient civilisations and lost knowledge, including the acclaimed From the Ashes of Angels and Gods of Eden. Previously, Andrew was a leading figure in the 'psychic questing' movement, producing the influential books The Seventh Sword and The Black Alchemist. Andrew has also been involved in investigating the link between Wilhelm Reich's 'orgone energy' experiments and the energetic properties of crop circles, as explored in his book The Circlemakers (recently updated as The New Circlemakers).
Recent archaeological work has seen Andrew rise to become a prominent force in uncovering evidence of lost cave systems at the Giza Plateau in Egypt, as written about in his latest book Beneath the Pyramids.

music track
artists - Derek Clegg
also featuring Tim James
track tittle - Don,t care

Band - Go periscope
Track She Gets Around The World (Daft Punk) 03:58


Soon, all mobile phones could use the same type of charger. In June 2009, 14 of the most prominent mobile phone manufacturers agreed to use a single standard. Although the agreement was made, there's still a lot of background work to be done before consumers enjoy the full benefits of this agreement. Recently, the European Commission sent out details for the standard in preparation for the switch.
The technical specifications for the connection are based on the microUSB connector that many mobile phone manufacturers are already using.  You'll find many of your favorite phone brands among the list of manufacturers that have agreed to adopt the standard, including Samsung, Apple, Nokia, and Research in Motion.
Although many of these manufacturers have already begun using the microUSB jack in preparation for the shift, you'll notice one manufacturer on the list that has stuck with its own connection—Apple. Apple's iPod connector is commonly found on a number of accessories. The Commission expects the first devices that have chargers with the precise details of the new standard to appear early next year.
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