Glastonbury Podcasting (podcastinguk) wrote,
Glastonbury Podcasting

Glastonbury podcast is back

Well here it is after a long long wait. Thank you for being patient.

This edition my thoughts about the Glastonbury festival and boy was the traffic bad on the first day the gates opened. My other comments are about convergence and the white paper on Digital Britain.

I am also now writing under the twitter name of BroadcastMedia

The music played this week links below do check them out as they have some great music support REAL independent music, give the major labels a miss for a change.

"Stillness Is The Move" - Dirty Projectors


Not every pop song gets its lyrics by combining bits of dialogue from an enchanting foreign-language movie classic with phrases from an Excel spreadsheet of pop clichés, but the free-flowing, high-minded collective known as Dirty Projectors is hardly your everyday pop band.
An experimental group masterminded by Dave Longstreth, a music major from Yale


Cabin Song
by T Nile


"Sometimes I'm Afraid" - Alibi Tom

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