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Glastonbury Podcast is Back !!

Well only fourteen months later and the next edition arrives, sorry about the long wait. To any of my old listeners that have left me in their podcast collection software a big thank you for not deleting. Drop us an email and let me know that I got through.

There is so much to catch up on I have no idea where to start so.... I won't, instead of looking back lets just keeping looking to the future, over the coming months I'm sure I will make reference to some of the things I have been up to. For the moment lets just say I have been on a technology sabbatical which involved a break from podcasting.

Loads of stuff as ever in this, the return show.

Wanderings in Wessex with Colin G

Soundscape of the opening of the new studios for Glastonbury Radio.Net (

Tracks - revisted some of my favourites from 2006/7 shows because....well I can.

Track 1

Artist : Parry Matthews
Tracks : Do ya love me

track 2
Artist Beatrice Ericsson
Track : Reach Out

Track 3
Artist left_handdrive
Tracks: mr-wonder
Other stuff mentioned in the show :-
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