Glastonbury Podcasting (podcastinguk) wrote,
Glastonbury Podcasting

show Notes week Com. 4 December 2006 Show of Hands

Special edition interview with Show of Hands

WITNESS Tour - interview November 2006
Steve Knightley and Phil Beer

All tracks used on this weeks Special taken from the album 'Witness'
Show of Hands website

Roots (Steve Knightley)
Witness (Steve Knightley)
The Falmouth Packet (Phil Beer)/ Haul Away Joe (Trad arr. Knightley/Beer)
If I Need Someone (George Harrison copyright 1965 Northern songs,Sony/ATV Music Publishing (UK) Ltd)
The Bet (Steve Knightley)
Ink Devil (Steve Knightley)
Scratch (Steve Knightley)
Undertow (Steve Knightley)

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