Glastonbury Podcasting (podcastinguk) wrote,
Glastonbury Podcasting

show Notes week Com. 27 November 2006

This week second part of interview with Phil Rickman

Author : Phil Rickman
Book Title : Marco's Pendulum
Website Link
MORE INFO about all his books go to his website

Web 2.0 mentioned again don't always believe what you read, listen to or watch on the web!

Story Johns ( )this weeks talks about dressing up?
featured link -

Artist : Adrienne Pierce
Track Absinthe Minded

Artists : Bill
Track : Sound Scientist
bill* was formed in the fall of 2003 when band members and long time
friends Curtis Hartling (guitar,vocals, drums), Jonathan Coyle (drums,
vocals, keys, guitars) and Dave Marciano (bass, sax, vocals) wanted to
do something new in San Diego.

Last Track
Artist : Oranger
Track : Going Under
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