Glastonbury Podcasting (podcastinguk) wrote,
Glastonbury Podcasting

Show notes for W/C 6-11-06

This weeks show is another exclusive. Writer drops into Glastonbury to sign some books and give my an interview. It was a really good chat and you can have a listen

Interview with Phil Rickman

Marco's Pendulum under the pen name of Thom Madley

Also The Chalice a book also based in Glastonbury

Check out his LATEST New book "The Remains of an Altar"

MORE INFO about all his books go to his website
Story Johns link for this wee, check it out tell your friends

Artist : Joan Wasser (Joan as a Police Woman)
Track : Flushed
Artist : Ascian (pronounced ashun)

Track : voices from the ether


Artist : Abbie Lathe
Track : Avebury song
Label (
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