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show notes for W/C 23-10-06

Artist Beatrice Ericsson
Track : Reach Out

Artists : Alice Marie
TRACK : Madeleine (mada Lan

Artist - Kelly Goodlad
Track : Its my Life too

12th October 2006

Hundreds of people descended on Liverpool Street station for the biggest ever turnout for the latest internet craze - mobile clubbing.

Armed with MP3 players loaded with favourite tracks the "clubbers" arrived on the concourse just after 7pm last night. Students, business people and office workers danced in silence as they listened to their iPods among commuters listening to announcements about late trains.

Details of the time and venue were sent by email. The event is similar to the flash mobbing movement pioneered in New York which involved large numbers of people gathering to conduct bizarre activities.

One commuter said: "It was entertaining if strange to see all these people gyrating to their own beat. It was the Soul Train arriving at platform one."

Want to find out if things that you like say what sort of person you are or maybe you can find out if your friends like that same things as you?


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James Blunt has joined the esteemed company of Gabriel Fauré, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Robbie Williams. He is now the current favourite choice for funeral music, according to a new poll from the Bereavement Register. The track Goodbye My Lover.

Past tracks that have been played are Theme From Fame, with the line "I want to live forever" or what about AC/DC's Highway To Hell.
Two recordings which come up time and again on the funeral charts are Bright Eyes from the film of Watership Down and Memory from Cats.
Or what about the song 'Release Me' hit for Engelbert Humperdink with the line: "I have found a new love, my dear - her lips are warm, while yours are cold".

Every Breath You Take, written during the break-up of Sting's marriage, is a portrait of a stalker, Stairway To Heaven a confused jumble of Celtic magic and Wordsworth.

What about the classic Frank Sinatra song My Way. When I worked for a while at a hospital radio station one of the rules on any request show was never play this track. WHy? well people thought it was a bit much for people to be lying in a hospital bed maybe coming around form an operation hearing the words...."and now the end is near and so I face the final curtain"
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