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Show notes for wk com. 2 Oct 2006

Story John pops into the studios and gets interviewed about his new one man show
Check out details about Story Johns one man show
Check out the gig coming soon to The Arena Theatre

Hello SAM

Sam Smith, New Media Strategist/Storyteller
Thanks for the mention on your blog Sam

Thanks for a great talk last week about web2.0 even I learnt a few things. Look forward to meeting up or maybe we could get you giving the listeners a monthly update into the world of technology developments revolving around the net. Go on SAM email me!!

Web 2.0

Business needs to know.

Implications to those that just sit there



Vid casters

Flickr picture sharing

My Space

You Tube

Gloucestershire Media Group -


BTW SUGAR CUBES in Reykjavik on the 17th of November.

News found on and info about flight at (just select the country you would be flying from to get more info.

Icelandair is offering a unique opportunity to see the Sugarcubes - including founding member Bjork - perform live together for the first time in 14 years.

This is the biggest gig of the year in Reykjavik and places are limited so book now !

This offer is exclusive to Icelandair - the sole cooperative partner for the event in the UK.

Prices start @ £235 - (Sugarcubes Flight & Concert ticket)


Online video editing make your own trailers etc. have a look if you fancy yourself as a good editor or film makers


Artists : Stavia

Track : You make Me Feel


Artist : The Family Simpson

Track : Soup


Last track to play

Artists : Superboom

Track : Duet for Computer and Human


(Listen out for HAL from the film 2001)

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