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6th May 2011

3:39pm: May - '2012 Special Edition'

Latest Podgramme  - May Edition

Glastonbury Podcasting Show notes

Two part interview with 2012 maven Geoff Stray (Geoff Stray)

John Edgar our resident storyteller informs us about May

extracts taken from Mystical World Wide Web


New radio show on Glastonbury FM Saturdays 9 - 10am


Glastonbury Thorn new shoots - BBC news story

Music tracks this month from:-

Artist - Low
Track - Especially
URL - chairkickers.com/


Artists - Fields of Ypres
Track - Wait for me
URL fieldsofypres.bandcamp.com


Remember New Social network Site Avalon Grid.com join for FREE

31st January 2011

9:13pm: Feb 2011 Show Notes
 Latest Podgramme - February Edition

Welcome to the February edition of Glastonbury Podcasting this month we have an exclusive two part interview with no other than 'THE' Whitley Strieber well know for his books like 'Communion' in which talked openly about alien abductions, he is also noted for the book 'The Coming Global Superstorm' which he wrote with Art Bell this went on to become the inspiration for the film "The Day After Tomorrow" and 2012. He has not been to the the UK for over 10 years and I was very honoured when he agreed to give me an interview to ask him about his presentation at the the last Summer lectures and chat about some of his views on where we are going as a planet. I was also able to hear his wife give a very inspiring talk about the possibilities our future.

Music track more information Jorden Lindsay click HERE

Music track more information Inch Chua click HERE

More information about Whitley check out Unknown Country .Com also home of Dreamland radio show podcast

If you want more information about his film connections check out IMDB

We also have a regular look at the mystical month taken from Mystical World Wide Web and read by our resident storyteller John Edgar and music from Inch Chua and back by popular request Jorden Lindsay who was last played on the December edition. And comment about another twist to social networking check out Pushnote

Remember, if your register for 'FREE' with Glastonbury Podcasting you will also get access to 'Members Area' and then selecting 'Archived shows' here some past shows and interviews. Glastonbury Podcasting is also available for free subscribing free via iTunes and other podcast systems.

Anyone that wishes to find out more about then look at the more detailed shows note on the left menu and if you want to drop me a line then the email is studio@glastonburypodcasting.com

9th January 2011

11:53pm: January 2011
Andrew Collins
An intrepid writer and explorer, Andrew is renowned for his books on ancient civilisations and lost knowledge, including the acclaimed From the Ashes of Angels and Gods of Eden. Previously, Andrew was a leading figure in the 'psychic questing' movement, producing the influential books The Seventh Sword and The Black Alchemist. Andrew has also been involved in investigating the link between Wilhelm Reich's 'orgone energy' experiments and the energetic properties of crop circles, as explored in his book The Circlemakers (recently updated as The New Circlemakers).
Recent archaeological work has seen Andrew rise to become a prominent force in uncovering evidence of lost cave systems at the Giza Plateau in Egypt, as written about in his latest book Beneath the Pyramids.

music track
artists - Derek Clegg
also featuring Tim James
track tittle - Don,t care
url http://www.derekclegg.com/

Band - Go periscope
Track She Gets Around The World (Daft Punk) 03:58
URL - http://www.goperiscope.net


Soon, all mobile phones could use the same type of charger. In June 2009, 14 of the most prominent mobile phone manufacturers agreed to use a single standard. Although the agreement was made, there's still a lot of background work to be done before consumers enjoy the full benefits of this agreement. Recently, the European Commission sent out details for the standard in preparation for the switch.
The technical specifications for the connection are based on the microUSB connector that many mobile phone manufacturers are already using.  You'll find many of your favorite phone brands among the list of manufacturers that have agreed to adopt the standard, including Samsung, Apple, Nokia, and Research in Motion.
Although many of these manufacturers have already begun using the microUSB jack in preparation for the shift, you'll notice one manufacturer on the list that has stuck with its own connection—Apple. Apple's iPod connector is commonly found on a number of accessories. The Commission expects the first devices that have chargers with the precise details of the new standard to appear early next year.

17th December 2010

11:07pm: December 2010 show Notes
Information about what was in the show

Features from
Joel Nichols
Lucy Sanger
Kate Horner
Ed Sayer


Artist - Jorden Lindsay
Track - 'Let me know'
URL www.facebook.com/jackflashtheband

Artists - British Sea Power
Track - Living is so Easy
URL http://www.britishseapower.co.uk

Glastonbury Radio (Community Radio for Glastonbury, Street and Wells)
URL - www.glastonburyfm.co.uk

Glastonbury Podcasting Website Construction - AK Dupe

Glastonbury Podcasting hosted by Seven Internet

2nd November 2010

10:30pm: November - Faery Special
Cover art for Glastonbury Podcasting.com The Faery-Fairy Special Edition

This month we look at Mystical November our resident storytelling mystic, John Edgar

A two part Interview with Karen Kay  of
Fae Magazine whilst she was in Avalon hosting the Avalon Faery Fayre and in the evening the Avalon Faery ball.

Karen Kay is the editor in chief of FAE Magazine and the founder of 3 Wishes Faery Fest the first major faerie festival based in the UK. 

Music from the album
The new release from Karen Kay and Michael Tingle if you want to find out more then check out the website by clicking on Enchanted

If you join Glastonbury podcasting fro free then you get exclusive access to the members only area and here you can listen to the longer unedited interview. Also answer the question in this months podcast and get your very own copy of the album Enchanted which was released 31 October 2010

Anyone that you wish to find out more about then look at the shows notes and if you want to drop me a line then the email is studio@glastonburypodcasting.com

Also mentioned during the show 
Glastonbury Shop now has the 2010 DVDs from Glastonbury Symposium

Glastonbury Podcasting Website Construction - AK Dupe

Glastonbury Podcasting hosted by Seven Internet

1st October 2010

11:07pm: October 2010 edition
October Glastonbury Podcasting sponsored by Glastonbury Shop .com.

Cover Art for Glastonbury Podcasting.com

This month we look at Mystical October with our resident storytelling mystic, John Edgar

A two part Interview with Scott Simpson from Spirit Parlour .com one of the speakers at Glastonbury Symposium this year. 

Have a look at http://www.musicinimages.com/ load up a picture of your choice and listen to how the software turns the picture to music, drop him a line tell him your thoughts about the software

Music from
Pallers - (Ambient / Pop / Down-tempo)
Track: The Kiss
Jenna Greene AKA The Greene Lady
Track: Crossroads

Anyone that you wish to find out more about then look at the shows notes and if you want too drop me a line then the email is studio@glastonburypodcasting.com.

Also mentioned during the show

Check out Skins TV Show new series starts early 2011

Glastonbury Podcasting Website Construction - AK Dupe

Glastonbury Podcasting hosted by Seven Internet

1st September 2010

12:20am: September Edition
September Glastonbury Podcasting
Glastonbury Podcasting itunes logo

sponsored by Glastonbury Shop .com.

Summer drawing to an end and Avalon has had it share of blazing sun and heavy rain.

This month we look at Mystical September with our resident storytelling mystic, John Edgar

A two part
Interview with Karen Alexander one of the speakers and organisers of The Summer lectures. http://www.summerlectures.co.uk/

Music from
Track: The motorway song
Jenna Greene AKA The Greene Lady
Track: Crossroads

Anyone that you wish to find out more about then look at the shows notes and if you want too drop me a line then the email is studio@glastonburypodcasting.com.

Glastonbury Podcasting Website Construction - AK Dupe

Glastonbury Podcasting hosted by Seven Internet

7th August 2010

11:40pm: Revamped and relaunched
The Phoenix
AKA Glastonbury Podcasting sponsored by www.Glastonburyshop.com
August 2010

Show notes

Interview with
Marcus Allen - Nexus Magazine

Music track 1

Music track 1

Show Theme Tune by

Written, recorded and produced by Lance Kutchins

Mystical month readings read by John Edgar

Thank you to our sponsor Glastonbury Shop http://www.Glastonburyshop.com
Current Mood: cheerful

24th June 2009

10:01pm: Glastonbury podcast is back

Well here it is after a long long wait. Thank you for being patient.

This edition my thoughts about the Glastonbury festival and boy was the traffic bad on the first day the gates opened. My other comments are about convergence and the white paper on Digital Britain.

I am also now writing under the twitter name of BroadcastMedia

The music played this week links below do check them out as they have some great music support REAL independent music, give the major labels a miss for a change.

"Stillness Is The Move" - Dirty Projectors

URL http://www.myspace.com/dirtyprojectors

Not every pop song gets its lyrics by combining bits of dialogue from an enchanting foreign-language movie classic with phrases from an Excel spreadsheet of pop clichés, but the free-flowing, high-minded collective known as Dirty Projectors is hardly your everyday pop band.
An experimental group masterminded by Dave Longstreth, a music major from Yale


Cabin Song
by T Nile



"Sometimes I'm Afraid" - Alibi Tom



12th May 2008

8:28pm: May Show 2008
Well here we go again, the Isle of Avalon has enjoyed some great early Summer in the last week temperatures 30 degrees plus.

Topics mentioned in this edition.
www.Adobe.com/photoshop includes free 2 Gig storage.

The Blackcountry podcast -give it a listen

review by Story John about the laptop - eee PC ?

Wanderings in Wessex visits Dulverton
About Dulverton

Dulverton Map

View Larger Map

EEE acer Laptop £199

The Blackcountry Podcast

Track The Naked Dancer



Track: Johnny no legs


Track Happy World

URL: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=203007651

10th April 2008

3:33pm: Glastonbury Podcast is Back !!
Well only fourteen months later and the next edition arrives, sorry about the long wait. To any of my old listeners that have left me in their podcast collection software a big thank you for not deleting. Drop us an email and let me know that I got through.

There is so much to catch up on I have no idea where to start so.... I won't, instead of looking back lets just keeping looking to the future, over the coming months I'm sure I will make reference to some of the things I have been up to. For the moment lets just say I have been on a technology sabbatical which involved a break from podcasting.

Loads of stuff as ever in this, the return show.

Wanderings in Wessex with Colin G

Soundscape of the opening of the new studios for Glastonbury Radio.Net (www.glastonburyradio.net)

Tracks - revisted some of my favourites from 2006/7 shows because....well I can.

Track 1

Artist : Parry Matthews
Tracks : Do ya love me
URL : http://www.parrymatthews.ukstars.com/

track 2
Artist Beatrice Ericsson
Track : Reach Out
URL : http://www.beatriceericsson.com/

Track 3
Artist left_handdrive
Tracks: mr-wonder
URL: http://www.lefthanddrive.org/
Other stuff mentioned in the show :-
Stumble Upon - http://www.stumbleupon.com/


20th February 2007

8:48pm: Feb Podcast Show
A little late but it's here will try and post earlier next month. Enjoy

Topics mentioned in this edition

WEB 2.0 search engines and software to try and bridge the gap and make the most of 2.0

A swicki is a natural extension of personal publishing on the web. Just as you can create a webpage, blog, or podcast, now you can publish a community powered search engine, tailored to produce only the targeted search results that you and your community want!

A swicki shows a buzz cloud of what is hot in your community and makes it easy to find the best content, news and info on the web.
Stumble upon
"Stumbleupon is a brilliant downloadable toolbar that beds into your browser and gives you the chance to surf through thousands of excellent pages that have been stumbled upon by other web-users"
Pictures of the UK

Try it out!


Thomas Dolby
Vidcast podcasts they are great for the fans around the world

Thomas Dolby will return to the music industry for the first time in 12 years with a US tour beginning in March.

In his absence from the studio and stage, Dolby developed the Beatnik software technology which is used today in two-thirds of the world's cell phones.
About Beatnik, Inc.
Beatnik offers scalable, high-quality audio solutions for digital devices, games and the Web through a combination of technology, content and services. Beatnik's solution includes a line of platform applications, production music, sound content and the Mixman software product line, enabling the integration of enhanced audio. Beatnik develops, markets and sells its sonification technology to a community of creative professionals, technology licensees and consumers - enabling them to build and interact with music and sound. Incorporated in 1996, Beatnik was founded by musician and composer Thomas Dolby Robertson. Mixman Technologies, Inc. was acquired by Beatnik in December 1999.



OneWorldTV is a unique public platform for filmmakers, video journalists, NGO’s and just about anyone with a video camera and an interest in social issues. It gives you the opportunity to access video messages and short films from around the world. Anyone with access to a camera and computer can contribute their films.

Sam at 'Long Story' (who I keep calling John for some reason)
More web 2.0 news and blog

Thanks to Andy Ginn FOR - Cats that look like Hitler



BARRY HOON has done it again
have a go for free, how many seagulls can you see?

StoryJohn links for this week
What ever happened to AKA where are they know
URL - http://www.weht.net/

Music for this week

Artist - Order in chaos
Track - Synchronisity
URL - http://www.garageband.com/artist/order_in_chaos


Artists : Miranda Sykes

Track : Bliss
Track : Be with me
URL :http://www.mirandasykes.com/
Played on stage with the band Show of Hands

22nd January 2007

10:02pm: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007 From the Isle of Avalon
Happy New Year one and all, new year new projects.

Story Johns (http://www.storyjohn.co.uk )

This weeks Story Johns feature - RoosterKateSpake
(a black country live entertainment cooperative, for whom he performed in December 2006)


from God Box CAfe

Chuck Tomasi
Chuck Chat - http://www.chuckchat.com/


Artist : Guesswork

Track : Gathering Dust
URL : http://www.myspace.com/guessworks
URL : http://indiestore.com/guesswork
Artists : Miranda Sykes
Track : Be with me

URL :http://www.mirandasykes.com/

Artists : Nina Nastasia

Track : Bird of Cuzco
URL : http://www.tgrec.com/bands/band.php?id=15

18th December 2006

8:24pm: week com. 18 Dec 2006 - Christmas Special ?
An Inconvient Truth - FILM, everyone that acres about the planet and the family should see this and make someone else see it.


Story Johns link

Digital Advent Calendar - try this for a bit of food for thought



Artist : Calvin Owens
Track : The Christmas Song
URL : http://www.calvinowens.com

Artist : Bree Noble
Track : Its Christmastime
URL : http://www.breenoble.com/

Artist : Calvin Owens
Track : Merry Christmas Baby
URL : http://www.calvinowens.com

12th December 2006

10:50pm: week com. 11 Dec 2006 - Globe Theatre special
Globe theatre official website

URL : http://www.shakespeares-globe.org/

Great place, great tour if you are ever in London and history or Shakespeare interest you then this place is a must. Thankyou to the lady who gave the tour and gave me permission to use her voice for some of the extracts, she obviously loves what she does (really sorry I lost my paperwork with your name on).

Story Johns link


Music Played this week

Track : We Three Kings - remastered solo Christmas instrumental
Artist : Derek K. Miller
URL : http://podcast.penmachine.com/

Track : In the bleak midwinter
Artist : Allison Crowe
URL : http://www.allisoncrowe.com/

Track : White Christmas will be blue
Artist : Beatrice Ericsson
URL : http://www.beatriceericsson.com/

4th December 2006

12:19pm: show Notes week Com. 4 December 2006 Show of Hands
Special edition interview with Show of Hands

WITNESS Tour - interview November 2006
Steve Knightley and Phil Beer

All tracks used on this weeks Special taken from the album 'Witness'
Show of Hands website http://www.showofhands.co.uk/

Roots (Steve Knightley)
Witness (Steve Knightley)
The Falmouth Packet (Phil Beer)/ Haul Away Joe (Trad arr. Knightley/Beer)
If I Need Someone (George Harrison copyright 1965 Northern songs,Sony/ATV Music Publishing (UK) Ltd)
The Bet (Steve Knightley)
Ink Devil (Steve Knightley)
Scratch (Steve Knightley)
Undertow (Steve Knightley)

27th November 2006

9:06pm: show Notes week Com. 27 November 2006
This week second part of interview with Phil Rickman

Author : Phil Rickman
Book Title : Marco's Pendulum
Website Link
MORE INFO about all his books go to his website http://www.philrickman.co.uk/

Web 2.0 mentioned again don't always believe what you read, listen to or watch on the web!

Story Johns (http://www.storyjohn.co.uk )this weeks talks about dressing up?
featured link - http://uk.geocities.com/steph_sculpt/

Artist : Adrienne Pierce
Track Absinthe Minded
URL : http://www.adriennepierce.com/

Artists : Bill
Track : Sound Scientist
URL : http://www.billmusic.net/
bill* was formed in the fall of 2003 when band members and long time
friends Curtis Hartling (guitar,vocals, drums), Jonathan Coyle (drums,
vocals, keys, guitars) and Dave Marciano (bass, sax, vocals) wanted to
do something new in San Diego.

Last Track
Artist : Oranger
Track : Going Under
URL : http://www.jackpinesocialclub.com/oranger.html

20th November 2006

7:43pm: show Notes week Com. 29 November 2006
Goggle alerts


Just type google and name of country into google then click on the link then type alerts after the last forward slash and you will get the log in for alerts great if you want to practice your language skills
Email of the week
This is my first time and I'm listening to you from ... Atlanta.

Really!! I have been listening to your interview with Catt Sirten, but this would not be my first time hearing him, as I have been a fan of his special style for at least 20 years. His fans are nothing but loyal, I am only one of the many, and you sound like a new one!
Well thanks for the email Einsten

Catt Sirten

Storyjohns (http://www.storyjohn.co.uk/) website to check out this week

Julian Beever - Pavement Artist

Artist : Parry Matthews
Tracks : Do ya love me
URL : http://www.parrymatthews.ukstars.com/


Artists : Katherine Wells
Track : Swallow
URL : http://www.katherinewells.co.uk/


Artists :Show of hands
TRACK : Arizona smoke Revue version of 'Tall Ships
URL : http://www.showofhands.co.uk/

14th November 2006

9:14pm: Show Notes week Com. 13 November 2006
Google alerts !! Get yourslef informed

or UK
Interview with Catt Sirten
Radio Avalon broadcasting from Avalon

I started by asking him, Why did he come to Glastonbury?

From Alabama State


Story Johns (http://www.storyjohn.co.uk )this weeks featured link is -
Artist : Love Spirals

pictureBy Susan Jennings (2002)
Track : Walk Away (bit stream remix)
url : http://www.lovespirals.com/
ARTIST Happy Rhodes

Tracks : Winter
URL - http://auntiesocialmusic.com/

Artists : Stereomovers

Track : Waiting
URL : http://www.stereomovers.com

6th November 2006

4:38pm: Show notes for W/C 6-11-06
This weeks show is another exclusive. Writer drops into Glastonbury to sign some books and give my an interview. It was a really good chat and you can have a listen

Interview with Phil Rickman

Marco's Pendulum under the pen name of Thom Madley

Also The Chalice a book also based in Glastonbury

Check out his LATEST New book "The Remains of an Altar"

MORE INFO about all his books go to his website http://www.philrickman.co.uk/
Story Johns link for this wee, check it out tell your friends

Artist : Joan Wasser (Joan as a Police Woman)
Track : Flushed
URL : http://www.joanaspolicewoman.com/
Artist : Ascian (pronounced ashun)

Track : voices from the ether

URL - http://www.garageband.com/artist/ascian

Artist : Abbie Lathe
Track : Avebury song
URL : http://www.abbielathe.co.uk/
Label (http://www.parkrecords.com)

30th October 2006

4:48pm: Halloween Special
Halloween info read out by Mell taken from
Mystical World Wide Web
Public service message for witches


Story John
Link where John found some of his material for this week


Artists - Stingray
Track : Ghosts in the attic
URL : http://www.stingrayonline.com/

Artists : The Coffinshakers
Track : Halloween
URL : http://www.coffinshakers.com/

Artist - Count Ridicula

Track - The Vampires Lament

URL : http://www.countridicula.com/

Artists: Aerosol Halo
Track : Ghost Song
URL : http://www.creepysleepy.com/

24th October 2006

9:19pm: show notes for W/C 23-10-06

Artist Beatrice Ericsson
Track : Reach Out
URL : http://www.beatriceericsson.com/

Artists : Alice Marie
TRACK : Madeleine (mada Lan
URL : http://www.alicemarie.net/

Artist - Kelly Goodlad
Track : Its my Life too
URL : http://www.kellygoodlad.com/

12th October 2006

Hundreds of people descended on Liverpool Street station for the biggest ever turnout for the latest internet craze - mobile clubbing.

Armed with MP3 players loaded with favourite tracks the "clubbers" arrived on the concourse just after 7pm last night. Students, business people and office workers danced in silence as they listened to their iPods among commuters listening to announcements about late trains.

Details of the time and venue were sent by email. The event is similar to the flash mobbing movement pioneered in New York which involved large numbers of people gathering to conduct bizarre activities.

One commuter said: "It was entertaining if strange to see all these people gyrating to their own beat. It was the Soul Train arriving at platform one."

Want to find out if things that you like say what sort of person you are or maybe you can find out if your friends like that same things as you?


Glastonbury's own search engine


James Blunt has joined the esteemed company of Gabriel Fauré, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Robbie Williams. He is now the current favourite choice for funeral music, according to a new poll from the Bereavement Register. The track Goodbye My Lover.

Past tracks that have been played are Theme From Fame, with the line "I want to live forever" or what about AC/DC's Highway To Hell.
Two recordings which come up time and again on the funeral charts are Bright Eyes from the film of Watership Down and Memory from Cats.
Or what about the song 'Release Me' hit for Engelbert Humperdink with the line: "I have found a new love, my dear - her lips are warm, while yours are cold".

Every Breath You Take, written during the break-up of Sting's marriage, is a portrait of a stalker, Stairway To Heaven a confused jumble of Celtic magic and Wordsworth.

What about the classic Frank Sinatra song My Way. When I worked for a while at a hospital radio station one of the rules on any request show was never play this track. WHy? well people thought it was a bit much for people to be lying in a hospital bed maybe coming around form an operation hearing the words...."and now the end is near and so I face the final curtain"

16th October 2006

9:46pm: Show notes for W/C 16-10-06
BBC RADIO 4 website


News found on http://today.reuters.co.uk/news/articlenews.aspx?type=technologyNews&storyID=2006-10-16T063146Z_01_N15302369_RTRIDST_0_TECH-MEDIA-SECONDLIFE-REUTERS-DC.XML

Starting on Wednesday, Reuters plans to begin publishing text, photo and video news from the outside world for Second Life members and news of Second Life for real world readers who visit a Reuters news site at:

John recommended sites




National Identity Fraud Prevention Week is the UK’s only nationwide awareness campaign designed to help you protect yourself and your business from identity fraud, one of the UK’s fastest growing crimes.


Artist : Three Blind Mice
Track : Your face is not enough
URL : http://www.catsaway.com/


Artists Adrina Thorpe (pronounced -uhhdreena)
TRacks ; Fly Fly Fly
URL : http://www.adrinathorpe.com/
(Link was not working on Monday 16th Oct 2006 11 am GMT)

Artist Allison Crowe
Track How Long
URL : http://www.allisoncrowe.com/

14th October 2006

7:45pm: week com. 9th Oct 2006
Sorry about the delay about posting ;-)

JOHN's Recommended LINK

EMail from Randall Carter Gray


Picking up on the chat about web 2.0 after I attended the talk given by Sam Smith to the Cheltnam Media GROUP

He recommends the following two links,

Check out this BBC story:

And also a BBC Radio documentary touching on a lot of this :

Mell says:
I add this one as well to listen to

Artist: Sigmon

Track : Where Do You Go

URL : http://matthewsigmon.com/

Touch of the Beatles (Dr Robert from the Revolver album) and a hint of the Monkess


Artist : Matt Larson
Track : Because I have You
URL : http://www.mattlarson.net/

A touch of Dean Freidman

Artist: Taylor Brown

Track: October Sky

URL : http://www.taylorbrownmusic.net/

4th October 2006

8:38pm: Show notes for wk com. 2 Oct 2006

Story John pops into the studios and gets interviewed about his new one man show
Check out details about Story Johns one man show http://www.storyjohn.co.uk/
Check out the gig coming soon to The Arena Theatre http://www.arena.wlv.ac.uk

Hello SAM

Sam Smith, New Media Strategist/Storyteller
Thanks for the mention on your blog Sam

Thanks for a great talk last week about web2.0 even I learnt a few things. Look forward to meeting up or maybe we could get you giving the listeners a monthly update into the world of technology developments revolving around the net. Go on SAM email me!!

Web 2.0

Business needs to know.

Implications to those that just sit there



Vid casters

Flickr picture sharing

My Space

You Tube

Gloucestershire Media Group - http://www.thegmg.org/


BTW SUGAR CUBES in Reykjavik on the 17th of November.

News found on http://www.bjork.com/ and info about flight at http://www.icelandair.net/ (just select the country you would be flying from to get more info.

Icelandair is offering a unique opportunity to see the Sugarcubes - including founding member Bjork - perform live together for the first time in 14 years.

This is the biggest gig of the year in Reykjavik and places are limited so book now !

This offer is exclusive to Icelandair - the sole cooperative partner for the event in the UK.

Prices start @ £235 - (Sugarcubes Flight & Concert ticket)



Online video editing make your own trailers etc. have a look if you fancy yourself as a good editor or film makers


Artists : Stavia

Track : You make Me Feel



Artist : The Family Simpson

Track : Soup

URL : http://www.lofimusic.co.uk/

Last track to play

Artists : Superboom

Track : Duet for Computer and Human

URL : http://renboy.com/superboom/

(Listen out for HAL from the film 2001)

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